Dear cats and dogs, would you like to pose for an artist?

Droichead Arts Centre will host a very exciting exhibition by visual artist Fiona Dowling from the 4th of July until the 6th of August. In preparation for her exhibition, the artist is seeking cats and dogs who would like to be portrayed. Would your pet like to pose and be part of this fascinating project?

Visual artist Fiona Dowling is looking for cat or dog owners who would welcome her into their homes to make a drawing or painting of their pet. The paintings and drawings will be exhibited in Droichead Art Centre from 4th July to 6th August, 2010 as part of the artist’s exhibition ‘We have all the Time in the World’, an exhibition about Love and Happiness.

Fiona wants to cover a whole wall with drawings and paintings of cats and dogs as an homage to anyone’s ability to love and everyone’s need for love. She sees pets as a witness to the huge capacity and desire for love that people have and sometimes find easier to express with animals. Cats and dogs often appear in Fiona’s work, as symbols of two different attitudes to love and relationships: independence and unconditional love.

Dear cats and dogs, if you would like to avail of this opportunity to pose for an artist, please ask your owner to ring Box Office at Droichead Art Centre, at 041 9833946. Each owner will be given a reproduction of the art work to keep. Sittings will take place towards the end of April and will last about 2 hours. Lazy pets are particularly welcome to apply!



One Response to “Dear cats and dogs, would you like to pose for an artist?”

  1. Declan Says:

    lol thats cool

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