Droichead @ Drogheda Arts Festival, the sequel

Only a few more days…

The Arts Festival is about to kick off, so be prepared for lots of artistic fireworks and shooting stars. Friday evening at 6pm the festival will officially open in the Highlanes Gallery. From then on, you can expect plenty of art, culture and events happening all around the town. Put on your arty outfit and enjoy the 6th Arts Festival in Drogheda.

About these stars, we have a wonderful play lined up on Sunday and Monday evening by Upstate Theatre called “The ones who kill shooting stars”. Conall Quinn’s new play is a surreal tale of love and death set on a County Louth beach during World War II. Did you know that Conall’s last play “The death of Harry Leon” won the Stewart Parker Major Bursary Award 2009? Be prepared for this fantastic new play. We are very excited about it, and we hope you are too. For tickets ring 041 9833946.

And there will be more stars in the making in Barlow House during the Arts Festival. With workshops such as “So you want to make a movie” (age group 14-17) and “So you want to write a song” (age group 16-21), we hope to put Drogheda on the map of stardom this weekend.  Are you young, creative and mad for an exciting Saturday afternoon, than quickly grab the phone, ring 041 9833946 and secure your place. And why not bring some friends? Who knows the seeds for new stars will be sown this very weekend.


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