Catch up on Culture Week

It’s “Catch up on Culture Week” this week. This is a nice way of saying ‘get your bum off the couch’ and experience some of the fantastic cultural events that are on all around Ireland this week. It’s a great initiative to make people aware of the wide range of quality artistic events around the country and invite them to catch up on some culture.

One of the events on the calendar of Droichead this week was a day out for the senior citizens, in collaboration with the Highlanes Gallery. The day started with a lovely lunch in Anderson’s café, followed by a guided tour around the Highlanes Gallery in which the permanent collections as well as current exhibition “The Marienbad Palace” were discussed. And since the exhibition continues in Droichead Arts Centre, I was delighted to give a talk about the art work in our gallery in Stockwell Street.

After that, no one less than the lovely Lady Dunsany introduced the film “Dean Spanley”, based on a little-known 1936 novella by the Irish author Baron Dunsany. Lady Dunsany, the present Lord’s wife, vividly talked about how Baron Dunsany used to absolutely hate dogs being dirty on the streets, peeing everywhere in public. He promptly decided to write a little novella about these experiences. He wrote it in such a way that you would nearly believe he was a dog himself in a previous life, picturing the life of a dog so accurately.

Contemporary movies and films often contain a good dose of sex, nudity or violence.  They seem to have become the key ingredients for defining a good movie. No such thing in “Dean Spanley” and yet it’s very beautiful and intriguing, thus showing that a great story can be enough to create a gem of a film.

Catch up on Culture Week is on until the 22nd of May. For events and more information, check out and to see the line-up for Droichead Arts Centre during the weekend go to Good luck with all the catching up.


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