What’s all the drama about?

It’s always good news to see young people exploring their talents on stage, it’s even better when that stage turns out to be the springboard to success. Keep reading and be inspired, because here is some great news!

Droichead Youth Theatre has been selected as one of 10 groups to be part of the National Festival of Youth Theatres in Wexford from the 30th June to the 4th July. Eight members will represent Droichead Youth Theatre at this event. This is a great opportunity to meet with other leading Youth Theatres in Ireland, to exchange experiences, to take workshops together and to share their passion for acting.

In addition to this, Youth Theatre Member Danny Thompson has been cast for a part in the National Youth Theatre Production which will be on stage in the Peacock from 23rd – 28th August. The production will be directed by Jimmy Fay.

And finally, Casting Director Louise Keeley visited the group last week as a result of seeing MOCK during Drogheda Arts Festival. She is currently casting for a film called Superhero’s…

Does all this great news make you a tiny bit jealous? Have you been thinking about a career on stage? Or have you always wanted to break free and do something different? Is this story incredibly inspiring and do you suddenly feel like acting too? Do you have other reasons to think that taking up drama classes would be a great idea, however crazy they are? Well, in that case we have even better news for you because Droichead Youth Theatre is recruiting.

Following on from the success of their production MOCK during Drogheda Arts Festival this year, Droichead Youth Theatre is recruiting new members for its summer introductory programme. This workshop programme will give you a chance to see if the youth theatre is really for you!

Drama workshops will be held every Saturday beginning on the 10th of July for a 10 week period.  The emphasis is on having fun, exploring creativity and learning about drama in a safe and supportive environment.   No previous experience is necessary. This introductory programme will give members a taste of what’s in store when the formal youth theatre schedule resumes in September.

For further information or to sign up, please contact Carol Ann Brodigan on 041 9875140/ info@droichead.com.


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