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The budget and the arts

December 10, 2010

The arts have been hit by the budget, just like any other department, but it could have been worse. Art and Culture not only plays a considerable role in the history of Ireland but also remains important in contemporary life and it exerts a great attraction to the rest of the world. Ireland is known for its music, traditional folk, dance, literature and visual arts. Great names from Irish art and culture are famous worldwide such as Francis Bacon, Samuel Beckett, U2 and many more. The arts are one of the important values Ireland’s reputation relies upon and especially in times of recession, it is important to keep supporting creativity and artistic endeavour.

The budget has a relatively positive outcome for the arts community, considering the circumstances the country has to cope with. A budget of 150m has been allocated to culture and film, of which the Arts Council receives 65.2m, which is a reduction of 5%. The RTE website states the following: “Representatives for the arts have responded, saying the Budget represents a positive result for the arts community. Minister Hanafin has said funding for the Arts Council will help sustain its major arts organisations, keep regional venues open and programmed and support festivals and touring. A spokeswoman for the National Campaign for the Arts said the budget represents a positive result for the arts community. Although there have been cuts, they can be lived with she said and the continued strong investment in the arts shows that the case they made has been listened to. The NCFA is particularly pleased with the funding for Culture Ireland to promote Irish art abroad.”

In other words, this is somewhat a positive signal which values the importance of art and culture. The full breakdown is to be found on the RTE website. Click here to read more about the budget for the arts.


News from the art world: Farewell Louise Bourgeois

June 1, 2010

Sad news from the art world was to be found in the New York Times this morning: Louise Bourgeois, influential sculptor, dies at 98

Louise Bourgeois was born in France, but lived most of her life in New York, where she worked as a visual artist up until a week before her death. Working hard all her life, she only received recognition in the art world and from the wider public at the age of 70. She is best known for her large sculptures of spiders, her fabric sculptures and drawings.

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