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A week in Droichead Arts Centre

February 2, 2011

The blog today comes from our Transition Year work experience student Aaron McCourt, who was a great help to the Droichead team last week.

About his work experience:
I found my time in Droichead Arts Centre very interesting. I really enjoyed learning how the sound and lighting worked in the theatre. It’s nice to know because I want to work in film after school. I was also in the marketing department for 2 days. I found that fun and exciting! It would be a great place to work in the future. I think there should be a space for young people in Droichead, to create films and plays, and to have no older person telling them what to do. I found my time in Droichead Arts Centre very exciting and fun. I would love to work in a place like this when I’m older.

How did you find your work experience?
Very interesting. There are a lot of different things going on.

Before you worked here, what was your conception of the Droichead Arts Centre?
There is always something going on, but I got the impression it is often for an older audience.

Did you ever go to the exhibitions in Droichead before?
I went to a few and always found it interesting to see the artwork.

What did you like the most working in Droichead?
I am really fascinated by the technical side of things, like setting up the lights and checking the sound for a play. I also was particularly interested by the marketing department: how the promotion of events works and the designing of the posters.

What do you think would attract teenagers to visit Droichead?
It would be great if Droichead could offer a place for young people where they can brainstorm, without being told too much what to do, a place where we can come up with our own ideas. It would be good to have a mentor guiding us in doing so. It would be something different for us to do and it would certainly spark our creativity. We could be making a short movie for example. It would be great to have different groups doing different things.



Plenty of reasons to join us at Droichead during mid-term break

October 27, 2010

This week we have lots of exciting events lined up in Droichead Arts Centre so plenty of reasons for you to visit our venue during mid-term break.

This Friday and Saturday we have the fantastic family show “A spell of Cold weather” scheduled. This play is produced by Little Duke Theatre in partnership with Droichead Arts Centre. The play is set on a farm, which is the home of two down in the mouth farmers, Betty and Bob. They have lost touch with each other, their animals and their own culture. In the time between Christmas and New Year, Betty and Bob get a surprise. Together Holly and Tomos bring the farm back to spiritual health and the play ends with an unforgettable, magical, New Year’s night party.

The renowned artist Maureen Finn will facilitate clay workshops for our youngest artists this Saturday in her studio at Millmount. Create new masterpieces and learn the skills of working with clay, with a hand on and fun approach workshop. No reason for kids to be bored during mid-term.

Definitely worth a stop when in the neighbourhood is Magnhild Opdøl’s exhibition “Until the end” running in our gallery in Stockwell Street. This exhibition displays the most amazing detailed drawings.

And last but not least we have WWE Style Wrestling” scheduled for this Sunday. With this show you are guaranteed a night of family entertainment, high octane action and a high energy spectacle.

For more info and tickets, contact our box office on 041 9833946 or go to our website.



August 17, 2010

I barely dare to acknowledge, but the summer is coming to an end and we are very busy finalising our autumn programme. We have plenty of exciting events lined up, when re-opening our doors after a 3 week summer break. A selection from our September programme, and there is a lot more to come…

We have a fantastic new exhibition ‘Looking into the light of dark matters…’ lined up with installation work by the artist James Hays, opening on Friday the 3rd of September. ‘Looking into the light of dark matters…’ is a new large-scale multimedia installation created for Droichead Arts Centre. The work consists of numerous wax and bronze casts of iconic objects, which run, in co –ordination with a multi-screen digital video projection twinned with additional digital sound components.

Psycho Spaghetti

On the 16th of September we have the brilliant comedy Psycho Spaghetti programmed. This comedy by Ger Carey’s is written specifically for teenagers. It’s a hilarious one-man show which attempts to answer the age-old question:  “Just what is going on inside the teenage brain?” The show is 100 minutes of laugh-out-loud comedy aimed at getting teenagers to laugh at themselves and view themselves as part of a bigger picture. The show is perfect for Transition Year students, LCA, Youth Reach and even grown-ups!

On the 24th of September we are celebrating Culture Night. Droichead Arts Centre is delighted to be taking part in the first culture night celebration in Drogheda. Culture night began as a small Dublin event organised in Temple bar in 2006, and this year is spreading to towns around Ireland. Droichead will team up with Highlanes Gallery, The Barbican, Calipo Theatre Co., Upstate Theatre Project, Droichead Youth Theatre and Nexus Arts to present a wonderful line up of exhibitions, music, poetry, film, theatre and open studios.  All events will run from 6pm -10pm unless stated otherwise. A programme schedule will be released on our website closer to the date.

The ‘Early Bird catches the Deal’ is our motto this season so booking early is recommended. For info and tickets go to our website or contact our box office on 041 9833946.

Open-air garden theatre at Oldbridge – what a success

July 21, 2010

Droichead was very excited about its 2nd outdoor event of this summer last Sunday. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Chapterhouse Theatre Company was lined up at the site of Oldbridge House. It turned out to be another exciting, lively family night.  ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which was on the 3rd of July, was an overwhelming success with a turnout of no less than 450 people.  Despite the torrential rain during the day on Sunday, it stayed dry during the actual event and there was still a turnout of 353 people.

Chapterhouse Theatre Company, which produced ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as well as ‘Pride and Prejudice’, is a professional touring theatre company, bringing a wide range of plays to venues all across Great-Britain and Ireland. The company prides itself on fully accessible, traditional, but innovative productions. They have built up quite a name over the past eleven years by mainly specialising in open air productions. Both plays were just amazing and beautiful. The actors were very engaging and came down into the crowd several times. This is a thoroughly hard-working cast. We can now understand why they have such a great reputation.

The setting was also quite impressive. Oldbridge House is situated on the famous Battle of the Boyne site, which is not only a major historical reference in Irish history but the site also offers spectacular views on the beautiful Louth/ Meath countryside. Imagine plenty of people picnicking in the grass on comfy blankets while watching a marvellous play. Turns out, this is a successful formula and a great way to spend a lovely summer night. Droichead is over the moon with the success of these events and is hoping to organise more open air theatre next summer.

Keep an eye out on our blog for pictures from both events.

Lyric Theatre presents ‘The Miser’

June 10, 2010

Lyric Theatre is based in Belfast and has built up a fantastic reputation on stage ever since they were founded in 1951. Producing on average five plays a year; their newest production is called ‘The Miser’ and is based on ‘L’Avare’ by Moliere.

Moliere (1622-1673) was a French actor and playwright and is considered one of the great masters of comedy in Western literature. ‘L’Avare’ is regarded to be one of his masterpieces. It is a satirical comedy in which money, avarice, family intrigues and love stories are all blended into one timeless tale. Money – money – money, it’s a hot item these days. Even though Moliere wrote this piece in 1668, the tale is still incredibly contemporary.

‘The Miser’ got a pretty good review in the Irish Times. The article refers in particular to the many absurd and hilarious scenes on stage. “The crazed obsessions of the central character, his absurd attitudes to love, his ridiculous attempts to disinherit his strong-willed children – the brash, bouncy Eloise and the foppish Tristram – his manic mood changes, as he wallows in the discomfort of his own frugality are, in themselves, the source of ample comic possibility”. You can read the full review when you click here.

Droichead is delighted to have The Miser programmed for the 24th of June. The tickets for this play are 18€ and I can guarantee you that you will get your money’s worth. Reservations can be made by calling our box office on 0419833946. To book online just go to our website

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Droichead @ Drogheda Arts Festival, the sequel

April 28, 2010

Only a few more days…

The Arts Festival is about to kick off, so be prepared for lots of artistic fireworks and shooting stars. Friday evening at 6pm the festival will officially open in the Highlanes Gallery. From then on, you can expect plenty of art, culture and events happening all around the town. Put on your arty outfit and enjoy the 6th Arts Festival in Drogheda.

About these stars, we have a wonderful play lined up on Sunday and Monday evening by Upstate Theatre called “The ones who kill shooting stars”. Conall Quinn’s new play is a surreal tale of love and death set on a County Louth beach during World War II. Did you know that Conall’s last play “The death of Harry Leon” won the Stewart Parker Major Bursary Award 2009? Be prepared for this fantastic new play. We are very excited about it, and we hope you are too. For tickets ring 041 9833946.

And there will be more stars in the making in Barlow House during the Arts Festival. With workshops such as “So you want to make a movie” (age group 14-17) and “So you want to write a song” (age group 16-21), we hope to put Drogheda on the map of stardom this weekend.  Are you young, creative and mad for an exciting Saturday afternoon, than quickly grab the phone, ring 041 9833946 and secure your place. And why not bring some friends? Who knows the seeds for new stars will be sown this very weekend.