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A week in Droichead Arts Centre

February 2, 2011

The blog today comes from our Transition Year work experience student Aaron McCourt, who was a great help to the Droichead team last week.

About his work experience:
I found my time in Droichead Arts Centre very interesting. I really enjoyed learning how the sound and lighting worked in the theatre. It’s nice to know because I want to work in film after school. I was also in the marketing department for 2 days. I found that fun and exciting! It would be a great place to work in the future. I think there should be a space for young people in Droichead, to create films and plays, and to have no older person telling them what to do. I found my time in Droichead Arts Centre very exciting and fun. I would love to work in a place like this when I’m older.

How did you find your work experience?
Very interesting. There are a lot of different things going on.

Before you worked here, what was your conception of the Droichead Arts Centre?
There is always something going on, but I got the impression it is often for an older audience.

Did you ever go to the exhibitions in Droichead before?
I went to a few and always found it interesting to see the artwork.

What did you like the most working in Droichead?
I am really fascinated by the technical side of things, like setting up the lights and checking the sound for a play. I also was particularly interested by the marketing department: how the promotion of events works and the designing of the posters.

What do you think would attract teenagers to visit Droichead?
It would be great if Droichead could offer a place for young people where they can brainstorm, without being told too much what to do, a place where we can come up with our own ideas. It would be good to have a mentor guiding us in doing so. It would be something different for us to do and it would certainly spark our creativity. We could be making a short movie for example. It would be great to have different groups doing different things.