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Mix Tape by Droichead Youth Theatre

April 19, 2011

The Drogheda Arts Festival will welcome Mix Tape to their stage on Saturday the 30th of April for three nights. Mix Tape is a collection of short plays written, devised and directed by Droichead Youth Theatre. With a cast full of fun and energy Mix Tape is definitely one not to be missed!

Mix Tape

Interview with Niall Cleary, Director and Co-ordinator of  Droichead Youth Theatre.

Hi Niall, so can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be involved in Droichead Youth Theatre?

I’d been working as an actor for a few years when the Director of the Galway Youth Theatre asked me to direct a show for GYT.  I was quite reluctant at first but it was one of these scary things you got to do!  I did and I loved it.  I’ve been working with youth theatres ever since.  I then  did a course called ArtsTrain with NAYD, shortly after the post as Director of Droiched YT came alone.  I applied  and here I am!

So whats Mix Tape all about?

Good question!  The nature of any devised piece is that you are constantly searching for it until you perform.  We put a proposal together for NYCI to create unconnected scenes written and directed by the youth theatre and put them together and we’re amazed to find that we all felt like we we’re watching a tv chat show.  We persued that idea and we’re still chasing it.  Richard and Judy meets the Front Line meets MTV!

What are the cast like that you work with?

The cast are fantastic to work with.  The challenge of working with a big group is hearing all the voices and sharing ideas without descending into chaos!  The group are from the town and surrounding areas.  All aged between 14 and 18.  We’ve got a very mixed bag of personalities working on Mixed Tape.  Pardon the pun.  They are a talented group that keep on surprising me.

If you could describe Mix Tape in three words what would they be?

Live. Controlled. Chaos.

Is everyone looking forward to the show and what is it like now in rehearsals with only a little over two weeks left until they preform?

Two Weeks aaaggghhhh!  We’re looking forward to the the show.  It’s exciting to engage with an audience.  You need that interaction to motivate you towards the final push.  It’s hard work at times, easy to get carried away having fun.  I’m starting to put my serious face on.  The group aren’t fazed.  We want to have fun with our audience!


La Locandiera – a real Italian feast on Thursday

November 2, 2010

Are the rainy autumn nights getting to you? Did the hour change put you in a bad mood? No plans yet on Thursday evening? La Locandiera contains all the ingredients for a fun and delicious Thursday evening treat. Food, fun, laughs and entertainment is the perfect cocktail to cheer up a dreary autumn night.

Not convinced yet? Read the article below, written by journalist Vanessa Moore and I’m sure you will be.

Mirandolina! – everyone’s in love with Mirandolina.’ Born in 1753 Mirandolina has been a hit ever since. This able woman keeps her inn full of paying by guests, with flirtatious ways and obliging manners, and never drops her guard. This is 1750s Florence after all, and independent women entrepreneurs like her are few and far between.
Enter the Ulster Gentleman, a man who professes to hate women: “I have never loved a woman, I have never put a woman onto a pedestal, and I have always believed that woman is man’s insupportable infirmity.” This remark challenges Mirandolina to “use Art to cut down, conquer and crush the barbarous hard-hearted enemy.”

And so begins this new English translation by director Alice Coghlan, performed in the cosy candlelit restaurant for the night – or is it Mirandolina’s Inn? This Inn is an open, happy, “allegra” place, where the characters entertain the audience through Italian music and song.

Goldoni is Italy’s greatest comic playwright, but his plays are very rarely performed in Ireland although there is sure to be a Goldini performance in Italian theatres on any day of the year. This production offers an audience the chance to see this classic comedy in a very intimate setting. Audiences will find the play’s characters seated at their tables, serving food and wine and latterly sword fighting all around them – much as they did for Wonderland’s sell-out hit Georgian house version of Molière’s The Miser and Afternoon Tea version of The Picture of Dorian Gray

A classic play of love, hate, romantic rivalry, rank and seduction, it is above all a humorous play, and one to sweep an audience away for the night.

For more info and tickets, check out our website or contact our box office on 041 9833946.

Plenty of reasons to join us at Droichead during mid-term break

October 27, 2010

This week we have lots of exciting events lined up in Droichead Arts Centre so plenty of reasons for you to visit our venue during mid-term break.

This Friday and Saturday we have the fantastic family show “A spell of Cold weather” scheduled. This play is produced by Little Duke Theatre in partnership with Droichead Arts Centre. The play is set on a farm, which is the home of two down in the mouth farmers, Betty and Bob. They have lost touch with each other, their animals and their own culture. In the time between Christmas and New Year, Betty and Bob get a surprise. Together Holly and Tomos bring the farm back to spiritual health and the play ends with an unforgettable, magical, New Year’s night party.

The renowned artist Maureen Finn will facilitate clay workshops for our youngest artists this Saturday in her studio at Millmount. Create new masterpieces and learn the skills of working with clay, with a hand on and fun approach workshop. No reason for kids to be bored during mid-term.

Definitely worth a stop when in the neighbourhood is Magnhild Opdøl’s exhibition “Until the end” running in our gallery in Stockwell Street. This exhibition displays the most amazing detailed drawings.

And last but not least we have WWE Style Wrestling” scheduled for this Sunday. With this show you are guaranteed a night of family entertainment, high octane action and a high energy spectacle.

For more info and tickets, contact our box office on 041 9833946 or go to our website.


New pricing policy @ Droichead: The early bird gets the deal

July 22, 2010


Let’s be honest most of us are at best mildly organised and at worst a disaster at forward planning!!

Well, this coming Autumn/Winter Season at Droichead Arts Centre being organised is going to reap rewards!!!

A broader pricing policy sees Droichead offering significant savings for advance booking and also a new pocket friendly pricing policy for unemployed, Oaps, Students and Family tickets.

From this July being organised and making an early ticket purchase for the event of your choice will see the customer receive up to 15% discount on tickets for shows at Droichead, the reverse side of this is that last minute decisions will incur a surcharge!!

Times are tough at the moment and Droichead realises that. We realise that there is not so much “play” money as before and that is why we aim to offer quality events at reasonable prices to make theatre, music, art and the arts accessible for all.

So the key to savings at Droichead… the early bird gets the deal!!

For information on the savings to be made for upcoming events and bookings or tel; 041 9833946

Open-air garden theatre at Oldbridge – what a success

July 21, 2010

Droichead was very excited about its 2nd outdoor event of this summer last Sunday. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Chapterhouse Theatre Company was lined up at the site of Oldbridge House. It turned out to be another exciting, lively family night.  ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which was on the 3rd of July, was an overwhelming success with a turnout of no less than 450 people.  Despite the torrential rain during the day on Sunday, it stayed dry during the actual event and there was still a turnout of 353 people.

Chapterhouse Theatre Company, which produced ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as well as ‘Pride and Prejudice’, is a professional touring theatre company, bringing a wide range of plays to venues all across Great-Britain and Ireland. The company prides itself on fully accessible, traditional, but innovative productions. They have built up quite a name over the past eleven years by mainly specialising in open air productions. Both plays were just amazing and beautiful. The actors were very engaging and came down into the crowd several times. This is a thoroughly hard-working cast. We can now understand why they have such a great reputation.

The setting was also quite impressive. Oldbridge House is situated on the famous Battle of the Boyne site, which is not only a major historical reference in Irish history but the site also offers spectacular views on the beautiful Louth/ Meath countryside. Imagine plenty of people picnicking in the grass on comfy blankets while watching a marvellous play. Turns out, this is a successful formula and a great way to spend a lovely summer night. Droichead is over the moon with the success of these events and is hoping to organise more open air theatre next summer.

Keep an eye out on our blog for pictures from both events.

What’s all the drama about?

June 3, 2010

It’s always good news to see young people exploring their talents on stage, it’s even better when that stage turns out to be the springboard to success. Keep reading and be inspired, because here is some great news!

Droichead Youth Theatre has been selected as one of 10 groups to be part of the National Festival of Youth Theatres in Wexford from the 30th June to the 4th July. Eight members will represent Droichead Youth Theatre at this event. This is a great opportunity to meet with other leading Youth Theatres in Ireland, to exchange experiences, to take workshops together and to share their passion for acting.

In addition to this, Youth Theatre Member Danny Thompson has been cast for a part in the National Youth Theatre Production which will be on stage in the Peacock from 23rd – 28th August. The production will be directed by Jimmy Fay.

And finally, Casting Director Louise Keeley visited the group last week as a result of seeing MOCK during Drogheda Arts Festival. She is currently casting for a film called Superhero’s…

Does all this great news make you a tiny bit jealous? Have you been thinking about a career on stage? Or have you always wanted to break free and do something different? Is this story incredibly inspiring and do you suddenly feel like acting too? Do you have other reasons to think that taking up drama classes would be a great idea, however crazy they are? Well, in that case we have even better news for you because Droichead Youth Theatre is recruiting.

Following on from the success of their production MOCK during Drogheda Arts Festival this year, Droichead Youth Theatre is recruiting new members for its summer introductory programme. This workshop programme will give you a chance to see if the youth theatre is really for you!

Drama workshops will be held every Saturday beginning on the 10th of July for a 10 week period.  The emphasis is on having fun, exploring creativity and learning about drama in a safe and supportive environment.   No previous experience is necessary. This introductory programme will give members a taste of what’s in store when the formal youth theatre schedule resumes in September.

For further information or to sign up, please contact Carol Ann Brodigan on 041 9875140/

Droichead @ the Drogheda Arts Festival

April 20, 2010

The countdown has begun, only one more week until the artistic fireworks will be unleashed to the town of Drogheda. And Droichead is busy, very busy to get everything ready to offer you a splendid weekend.

On the 30th of April Drogheda’s 6th Arts Festival kicks off and Droichead is once more very excited to be part of this vibrant cultural events weekend in the town.  The May Bank Holiday weekend offers something for everybody: Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Performances, Workshops, Family Day… you name it.

Droichead has a range of events lined up. The Marienbad Palace exhibition, in conjunction with the Highlanes Gallery brings works together by Laura Buckley, Diana Copperwhite, Jorge De La Garza, Alicja Kwade, Haroon Mirza and Ian Monroe.  The works shown within the exhibition explore ideas of reality beyond our everyday experiences of space and time. We are also delighted to have ME (Mobile/Evolution) lined up. This show threads together humorous stories with amazingly challenging ways of using crutches. On Saturday the 1st of May West Street turns into Wonderland and Droichead also offers plenty of workshops for teenagers in film and music.

And this is only a selection of the wide range of activities lined up for the May Bank Holiday weekend. All the venues are in the town centre and on walking distance from each other so dive into the world of creative wonders and enjoy every bit of the Drogheda Arts Festival. Check out the website for full details of all the events.